ShredFin Fingerless Fishing Gloves | Splash Camo

ShredFin Fingerless Fishing Gloves | Splash Camo

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ShredFin performance fishing gloves were designed specifically with the hardcore angler in mind.  Engineered with UPF 50 to keep your hands protected from the sun's harmful rays during those long days on the water.

The 4-way stretch ShredFlex quick-dry performance material makes for an extremely comfortable fit.  The material is breathable so your hands won't get hot.

The exposed fingertips allow the dexterity you need when casting and retying your lures.  

Our exclusive non-slip/rubber grip on the palms allows for improved grip, so that your rod won't slip out of your hands, and you can easily grip those hawgs and bring them in the boat!

  • UPF 50 sun protection
  • 4-Way Stretch ShredFlex material
  • Super Breathable 
  • Non-slip material on palms
  • Tab for easy removal and donning 
  • ShredFin logo sublimated